ADOPTED **Sammamish**

Sammy has been adopted by his foster family <3 CONGRATULATIONS!! What a lucky boy!!

Sammamish (previously known as white collar) is a male GSD mix puppy who is part of Asia’s fantastic 8! “Sam” was born sometime the night/early morning of 01/12-01/13th in a shelter. Hours later mom and pups made their shelter break, thanks to a team of awesome people! Sam got his awesome name from our puppy name game, courtesy of Christie M!

Since Sam was born, he has been busy learning all things puppy! He is described as being the most vocal about things, especially if he is dirty!! He is usually the first to rise from a nap and explore and of course he is one of the larger pups <3

His awesome foster family has been busy introducing all the pups to new experiences and noises to help them be awesome puppies!

Do you need a little Sam in your life? Click here to apply

Asia supervises the pups’ first vet visit carefully <3
Thanks to a PAWSOME foster family, Asia and her newborn pups had a safe loving place to go <3 THANK YOU!!!
Shelter break day!!! Pups were only hours old when Asia got her shelter break thanks to Kathy Smith and shelter staff coming in on their day off!! TEAM WORK!!
Asia entered into the shelter as a expectant mother on 12/04/2019 as a stray.