PLEASE READ thoroughly to avoid delays in processing your application:

Shepherds Without Borders (SWB) uses a single application for adoption and/or fostering. Please fill out the application thoroughly. We are a 100% volunteer organization; it takes at least 2-3 weeks to process an application – longer if we experience an influx of applications or are not provided with all requested information.

Your application process with SWB WILL BE DELAYED if you:

  • Fail to provide Home Ownership records, if/when requested by SWB
  • Fail to provide HOA/CC&R documents regarding Dog restrictions/allowances
  • Fail to provide Rental/leased property Dog restrictions/allowances (from the landlord, etc.)
  • Fail to provide accurate Veterinary office information (name, phone, city). It is helpful if you are able to let your vet office know that “Shepherds Without Borders” will be contacting them and they can provide your records to us when requested for your application
  • Fail to provide accurate Personal Reference (your references must not be related to you or live with you) contact information – it is advised that you let your references know that we will likely be contacting them as your application moves forward

To avoid potential delays, send in any requested documents or records to:

If we have a hard time reaching your vet’s office or personal references, that potentially will lengthen the time needed to process your application. As part of the process, a volunteer will reach out to you directly to conduct a home visit (currently a virtual home visit due to COVID restrictions). After your home visit is completed, an rescue volunteer will be reaching out to conduct a phone interview. We welcome questions during this interview!

Fostering or adopting a rescued German Shepherd Dog with our rescue requires an approved application. Each of our dogs are vetted, up to date on shots, microchipped, spayed/neutered (if medically stable/age allowance), treated for parasites and tested for heartworm (if applicable) previous to placing in a foster or adoptive home.

  •  Fees for adopting a dog:  $650.00 ****** These fees are used in vetting and general care items (dog food, crates, flea/tick/heartworm prevention, etc.) for dogs within our organization ******
  • What happens to those donations? As we are an all-volunteer organization, every penny donated/raised goes directly into the SWB organization to save more dogs. Donations are tax-deductible as we are an IRS designated 501(c)3 organization.
  • Interested in fostering only? Would you like to foster a dog? Please apply!! We value our foster families as each rescue needs a safe loving place to go while we match that special family!
  • Meet & Greets with individual dogs are ONLY scheduled by SWB contingent on an approved application, compatibility (best match), and location. You will be contacted directly if a Meet & Greet is to be coordinated with you
  • Have questions? As we are 100% volunteer, we do not have a phone number you can call to ask questions – Don’t worry!  Every application receives a phone call from a volunteer (once all requested application information has been received and processed) for an interview and we encourage your questions at that time!
  • IF you are lucky enough to find your new furry family member through another organization after you submit your SWB application – CONGRATULATIONS! PLEASE let us know so that we can close your application with us and direct our limited volunteer resources to those still searching

Please keep in mind, we receive several applications for each dog listed, processing each application takes time. We make the best possible selection for each dog and family. Unfortunately, that may leave some very good applicants disappointed. If you only want to be considered for the dog you are applying for, please note that on your application.

** If you are applying for a puppy: We receive an overwhelming number of applications for each puppy (6 months and under). Initially, we will only process the first 25 applications received for each puppy. If, for some reason the perfect match is not found in the first group of 25 applications, we will process the next batch of 25 until we can find the correct match.