Pupdate on McCoy!

****PUPDATE**** McCoy was adopted in February 2017. He was pulled from a shelter in Oregon, severely underweight. His adoptive family shares their family story:

He came to us at roughly 58 lbs, every bone in his body visible, and so fragile. Now he is 30 lbs heavier with strong muscles to prove it. He has excelled so much in his training and is developing into an amazing and smart member of our family. It has been an endless adventure with him and we have learned so many things. We have learned that the second we step outside we better be headed straight to the car for a ride, or else whining ensues. We’ve learned smaller dogs are his best friends and he doesn’t have any interest in swimming…yet. We have learned that he’s a window watcher at night and if the blinds aren’t open he’ll make his way through them to see out. We even know his favorite foods (dried fish skin) and least favorite foods (carrots). He finds many loopholes to get out of training and definitely tests the limits and has his moments, but he always gives us something to smile about. He has become our best hiking partner and greatest camping companion. He is always up for an adventure of any kind. Not knowing his history, every time we do something for the first time with him we are not sure how he will handle it, but we have been so amazed with what we have seen him accomplish in this short amount of time. He doesn’t even whine and yelp at the cat anymore! (Though they aren’t best friends just yet). We “puppy-proofed” our home before he came to us, which was totally unnecessary since he has never once even been interested in our things; he knows what is his and is so smart. Even though he has been through so much already, he is still that same goofy squirmy boy that greets us with the biggest smile, ears flat against his head, butt wiggling back and forth, and endless kisses when we get home. Hunter has grown so much in the time he’s been with us, he is so wonderful. We cannot wait to see what else he has in store for the future!