PUPDATE on Lila :)

“Who saved who” Lila-Piper-Bear

(written by Lila’s adoptive family)

“ Bear” has fit right into our family. It’s like we’ve had her forever. The thing that separates Bear from any other dog is that she is so self entertaining. Sure, she likes someone to play ball with her, but throwing the ball for herself and catching it makes it that much more challenging. She also rolls around in the grass like she’s never seen it before. She’s such a happy dog.

* Favorite moments with Mom: Morning walks (alerting me that there is a coyote, bunny or raccoon around). Alerting with almost anything as I am hearing disabled and it makes life so much less worrisome having her hear and alert me. Bear also loves obedience time and showing her new skills and she loves cheese. Favorite moments with our daughter: Singing along with our daughter when she is playing the guitar. She loves learning new tricks, like how to give a high five and play fetch. The best part is getting woken up by a wet kisses. Favorite moments with Dad: Snuggle time on the floor daily, going up to the lake for a long weekend and watching the neighbor deer.

Bear has lifted our spirits and has been a blessing to our entire family. We look forward to coming home as Bear is always there to bring us her favorite toy when she sees us coming. She’s always there to get you up early with wet kisses and show you her latest trick. We love our Flathead Lake time with her, taking long hikes, chasing waves and swimming. We could not be more thankful for such an amazing dog and having the experience of adopting her! Thank you Shepherds without Borders!

HISTORY:  Lila was rescued from Stanislaus Animal Shelter on 01/26/2017 – She was the first, the beginning of lots of wonderful relationships and she literally paved the way for many GSDs to be rescued from the Northern California area.  Lila you will ALWAYS be remembered in all the hearts of the SWB family <3