Pupdate on Garin

??Pupdate on Garin ??

(Written by Garin’s new family)



Garin is pretty much the best road trip dog EVER!!! As soon as we get in the car , he just lays down and sleeps until we get wherever we are going, which is awesome since we do quite a bit of road tripping. There is a picture of him in the car when we went to SLC for Christmas, he basically looked like this the whole 8 hour drive. He is already getting so BIG, we are grateful we didn’t miss all of the puppy phase. He is very smart and learns things quickly. He loves the snow and seems un-phased by the cold temperatures. We plan on starting to integrate some jogging into his daily leash work in the next couple of days. He is fetching, and becoming skilled at the paper plate recall game. We have started to challenge his skills by adding a second dog to our walks (which he gets 2-3 times a day right now), and walking him in town to present more noises and distractions. He finally saw a few town deer on a walk last week, which was a big challenge to keep calm, but we welcome the challenge as we know we are all learning from it. We have been trying to find dogs with a similar energy level, to help socialize him. We are trying to get him time with other dogs several times a week (which usually entails cooking friends dinner ?), so that is fun for all of us. Garin is super smart, learns things pretty quickly, and enjoys the structure he has right now. It seems he really enjoys testing his boundaries ?. We are totally in love with this guy and looking forward to seeing his full potential.

We hope you guys had a great holidays!

We are so grateful to have Garin, and for all the work you folks do to help this amazing breed!


Brent and Monica

<3 <3 <3 <3