PUPDATE – Fritz <3

As you may recall, Fritz entered into the rescue in mid-May after being picked up as a stray. Prepped for his alter surgery, Fritz was found to have a severe UTI that had gone untreated for a very long time. Surgery was halted and Fritz spent approximately 3 weeks in the hospital gaining strength and getting better. On arrival to the PNW, Fritz went straight into his foster home. Fritz fell in love with his foster dad immediately, but he had some manners to learn to become the DIAMOND he is today.


From Fritz’s adopter … “Fritz is doing very well. He has turned out to be a wonderful puppy. He has improved more than I could imagine. I have worked hard to train him and it has payed off. He has learned to come to me when I state “HERE”. He will then sit and wait for me to give him additional instructions… He has recovered completely from his sickness and is healthy and happy. He also has chosen me for his owner and I love him. When I fell at Home and was knocked unconscious I was awoken by Fritz licking my face. He was sitting on my hips and protecting me … He is my buddy”.


So we have just on question…. Who really did rescue who?  – Congratulations to Fritz and his family on this remarkable rescue match <3