Luka was adopted, but his family had some unexpected major changes in their lives (COVID has been rough on employment). Consequently, Luka found his way back to SWB after just a few months. We reached out to previous applicants that had been willing/able to provide, not just a loving home, but one that was confident they could continue his medical needs on a long-term basis. Now, Luka has adventures on a previous horse farm with his new family <3 He investigates the pastures, digs in gopher holes and loves to play/chase balls! His health is great (yes, he is still an avid sock seeker/eater). This boy is so loved <3

HUGE Congratulations to Luka and his new family!! While his journey had a bend in the road, we are so thankful that he was shown love and was well taken care of in his first home, even though it did not turn out to be his furever.

Luka was picked up on the run and taken to Stockton Animal Shelter – thanks to some pretty special people, Luka found his way to SWB. On 08/23/20, Luka made his shelter break and into our hearts ❤ After weeks of tests and weigh-ins, trials of meds/supplements, it became clear that Luka needed enzymes. Luka’s medical costs were over $2500.00. Thank you continued support of our mission!!!

Vaccines, alter and health certificate ready, Luka boarded on a Pilots 4 Paws flight and arrived in December.

Luka has definitely made an impact on every person he meets – what a sweet dog ❤ CONGRATULATIONS TO LUKA AND HIS FOSTER TURNED FOREVER FAMILY!!!

On December 6th a very special delivery arrived to the PNW, thanks to two VERY special volunteer pilots and Pilots N Paws ( – Luka got the royal treatment for sure and made two MORE fur-ever friends!!

Luka flew from Sacramento, CA to Redding, CA with volunteer pilot David Diamond and Redding, CA to Salem, Oregon with volunteer pilot Dave Fishel <3

HUGE bark out to the pilots and to Pilots N Paws, a PAWSOME nonprofit organization that brought us (and many other rescue flights) together – Salute!! 🐾❤️

Luka has been tucked into his AMAZING foster home and is doing awesome <3

After spending a few months in a foster home and gaining some much needed weight, Luka is ready for us to start finding his perfect home!! Luka, a handsome black and silver boy, knows no strangers and ALWAYS is excited to meet anyone or do anything – Nothing turns his smile upside down! He rides good in the car (warning: Luka will get in anyone’s car for a ride LOL) and HE LOVES to play fetch (there is no doubt this boy had previously learned this)!

Luka is likely about 2 years old. He is up to date on his vaccines, housebroken, HW negative (on prevention), crate-trained, neutered and oozes loyalty and love. He weighs about 60 pounds and is gaining steadily with EnzymeDiane added to his kibble. His extensive blood work (to diagnose EPI) otherwise shows us he is a pretty healthy boy – and he is STUNNING!

See Luka meet Maddy (foster sister) for the first time recently here:

HUGE SHOUT OUT TO Myra M for fostering Luka for 3 months in the greater-Sacramento area and taking such great care of him <3

Luka has exhibited the ability to get along with medium-large dogs (he was exposed to small dogs and cats in the past, but he was pretty thin and may have not shown us his true preference with small furry animals). He walks on a leash okay, but will still need training to become the best ambassador to his breed.

Luka has some food seeking behaviors that most likely stem from his emaciation. Careful and consistent boundaries will need to be implemented in Luka’s home to safeguard him against eating things he shouldn’t (like a sock)!

Need a little Luka sweetness in your life? Apply here: Adoption Application

The cone of shame … and Luka is officially altered <3

Luka is likely about 2 years old. He is up to date on his vaccines, housebroken, HW negative, crate trained and oozes loyalty and love. He now weighs about 56 pounds!! Luka my require pancreatic enzymes his whole life, we truly do not know; what we do know is he is doing fantabulous on the enzymes added to his kibble and he is still very food motivated! His other blood work is great and he is HW negative! He has begun to run and play and recently we found out he LOVES to play fetch!! Luka has not yet been neutered as we are waiting for him to gain a few more pounds. He recently got his first bath and while he didn’t seem familiar with the process, tolerated it with some GSD pleading looks (true GSD form!).

Oh the agony of the bath ….

In the shelter, Luka exhibited the ability to get along with other dogs and wagged his tail at a cat. Luka was a medical case at that time, but it does give us some indicators as to his ability to get along with other furry friends. He does chase birds and has decided it is “his purpose” to chase the wild turkeys out of the yard <3

Luka has exhibited the ability to get along with older children over the age of 8

**PUPDATE on LUKA ** Though this black and silver beauty had a marginal gain of weight after a few weeks, it was clear that things weren’t working as they should… Luka went into the vet for several tests and for comprehensive bloodwork and was found to have some indicators of pancreatitis and EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency) – for more information on this affliction, visit FINALLY an answer!!!

Luka has been placed on cobalamin (B12) and EnzymeDiane and is doing fantabulous! He is gaining weight and is showing us his real personality, which is sweet, loving and enduring! Our plan for Luka is to get to a weight that is safe for neuter surgery and then he will be ready for finding his furever family! Stay tuned for updates on his status!

Luka is the “poster kid” for rescue .. It’s obvious that he has had a rough go before coming into rescue. He weighs just 42 pounds. His nails are grossly overgrown. His body score is 2/9. He is literally, a bag of bones and fur.

HUGE Shout out to the family that STOPPED and let him in their car (which most likely SAVED HIS LIFE!), our friends at Stockton Animal Shelter and Cara @Underdog railroad for helping this diamond in the rough get to rescue AND to a foster home that said… yes!

Miraculously, his heart is HUGE and he loves people (and food of course). Luka is approximately 2-4 years old and is microchipped, up to date on vaccines, and seems to get a long with large/medium dogs and kitties too. He is heartworm negative and he recently went to the vet for a toenail trim, fecal (which was CLEAR) and overall exam. Luka will need to gain some weight and improve his overall body condition before getting neutered and getting adopted, but we know with a great foster home and some good food, that is just around the corner <3

We are still learning about Luka, but so far we know that he loves to ride in the car, he is housebroken, he goes into an indoor crate (with a treat thrown in) and wants all the loves. He walks on a leash, though not well. He knows sit and loves to rest his paw on you… ah yes, affiliation and trust <3

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