Lily – Adopted!


***ADOPTION announcement *** Sometimes rescue dogs come with a little background story… that is true of Lily.

Lily had been picked up as a stray a few times previously, but had always been owner reclaimed before. This time was different, instead of being picked up from the shelter, she was dropped off at the shelter and chained to the intake door for the staff to find her the next morning. When she arrived here, her spirit seemed a bit bruised and her coat was a mess. No longer!! Now, she is a treasured family member, her coat is in wonderful condition and she loves to play with her new family – and she even got a new child to love, play with and protect.  CONGRATULATIONS to LILY and her new family!!  Lily is forever home ♥

Lily is an approximately 7-year-old female plush-coated GSD available for adoption.  She was a repeat “visitor” at a Northern California shelter, being picked up “at large” several times.  This time, sadly, she was found chained to the intake door and left overnight where staff found her in the morning.

Lily is an absolute SWEET, loving, furry girl!  She exhibits the ability to get along with other dogs and other animals and children of all ages.  Lily is small in stature and is mostly “fluff” (note she will require extra grooming to keep her looking like the princess she is).

Lily is being fostered in the Portland, Oregon area.  She is up to date on shots, spayed, microchipped and is available for adoption.

To apply to become Lily’s forever family, click here:  Adoption Application