ADOPTED ** Klaus **

Adopted 🐾 CONGRATULATIONS to Klaus and his new family ❤️

Klaus (previously known as blue collar) is a male GSDx and part of Asia’s fantastic 8!! Klaus was born in the shelter sometime during the night/morning of 01/12-01/13th. Momma and Asia were pulled that morning thanks to several awesome people! He has been busy growing and doing all things puppy with his momma Asia and 7 siblings.

Klaus is described as mellow, calm and the pup that will intervene when other siblings are having a puppy spat – he is the “hey, can’t everyone just get along” boy! Klaus got his name during our puppy name game, courtesy of Nikki H.

Klaus will be going for his first puppy shots and his microchip in the near future, but is ready for us to start searching for his fur-ever family! Would you like to adopt Klaus or another rescued GSD? Click here:

Momma Asia supervises the pups’ first check up <3
Thanks to a LOVING foster home, Asia and pups had somewhere to go <3 THANK YOU FOSTER FAMILY!!!!
Thank you Kathy Smith for breaking this new momma and pups outta the shelter and the shelter staff for coming in on their day off to help!! TEAMWORK!!

Momma Asia entered into the shelter on 12/04/2019. Because she was sheltered, warm, fed well and had clean water, she delivered 8 very healthy pups. She spent just over a month in the shelter until she was rescued <3