ADOPTED ** Kennedy **

Miss Kennedy was in our program for a little longer than most puppies… a stunning girl, smart as a whip, active and sweet, she required a very special family that could keep her challenged physically and mentally <3 With some GREAT training that her first 2 foster families put in place, she blossomed and landed in best home and match for her <3 CONGRATULATIONS to Kennedy and her new family <3

Welcoming Kennedy to Shepherds Without Borders rescue as our first rescue of 2020!

Kennedy is a female puppy labeled as a GSDx in the shelter. She is approximately 4-5 months old, microchipped and up-to-date on vaccines. She has been working hard to get “potty-training” down, is crate-trained, knows sit and wait and even waits to be released for her food! Kennedy is a lap puppy and loves to snuggle. Kennedy has exhibited the ability to get along with other dogs and has been exposed to cats. She is curious, confident and outgoing – every people is her friend!

She has a nose that KNOWS and will track just about anything you let her. She is an AMAZINGLY SMART girl that needs boundaries, training and consistency and maybe a good candidate for dog sports or being a working farm girl, much like many GSDs!

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Kennedy is a sweet lil GSDx that is about 2-3 months old. She has exhibited the ability to get along with other dogs and is learning how “speak” dog fluently <3 She has been exposed to a cat and working on potty-training and getting used to a crate. Super playful and sweet pup!

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