Ivory is approximately 2-3 years old (which is an estimate of course). Ivory has been getting lots of love, structure and needed special care from her foster family and some great veterinary care from our friends at Foothill Farms Veterinary Hospital and her coat is beginning to come back and so are her smiles <3

Ivory is housebroken, microchipped, heartworm negative (on prevention), up to date on vaccines and is learning about a crate and other house manners. She is not yet spayed as we are waiting for the vet to give us the green light (she was rescued with horrible skin/infections/fungus/excoriations, which are healing rapidly with medicated baths, flea treatment and good nutrition). Ivory rides in the car well and has been on a few socialization trips and has done well!

SHE LOVES PEOPLE and has a sweet loving demeanor. Ivory would benefit from someone who understands German Shepherds and will continue her training for best success <3

She currently has several furry foster friends, but she does seem to prefer being the queen of the castle (no female dog friends in a new home seems best) – Ivory would prefer to be the only dog or have a nice mellow male dog doggy cohort. Ivory loves to eviscerate “stuffed” friends, so we think a home without cats sets her up for best success <3

Are you interested in adopting Ivory? She is not yet ready for meet and greets, but will be soon!! Fill out an adoption application here: https://shepherdswithoutborders.org/adopt/adoption-application/

Thanks to our friends at Foothill Farms Veterinary Hospital we learned that Ivory is about 2 years old. She seems to have weaned puppies not too long ago. She obviously is suffering from alopecia (hair loss), which is due to a mirage of skin issues that probably started with flea dermatitis. She is thin and is on some medication and the medicated baths to help sooth her itchy body. Her fur seems to be coming back in already!!

WELCOME IVORY to Shepherds Without Borders rescue <3

Ivory is an all white female GSD that comes to us from City of Stockton Animal Shelter. We do not know much about Ivory other than she is in pretty rough shape right now and on her way to see our friends at Foothill Farms Veterinary Hospital this evening.

We want to thank all the people that have made this (and many other rescue pulls possible): Cara, Kathy, Leslie & Barbara and Peter and the rest of the staff at the shelter – SALUTE!