ADOPTED ** Sydney **


A special foster family who rearranged their entire lives and home and helped save 9 dogs in one fail swoop has adopted … Miss Sydney ❤️

Thank you for your selfless gift of many hours of dedication and miles of travel for Miss Asia and her fantastic eight ❤️ CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Sydney (previously known as pink collar) is a female GSDx born to momma Asia in a shelter sometime during the night/morning of 01/12-01/13. Some pretty special people worked together to break the new family out of the shelter within a few hours <3 Jersey was named during our puppy name game, courtesy of Christie M <3

Since birth, Sydney has been spending time growing and learning all things puppy. She is described as a dainty, sweet, snuggle-bunny. Her foster family has been exposing her to different sounds and objects to help them be the best puppies they can be.

Sydney will be going for her first vaccines and microchip soon and is ready for us to search for her fur-ever family <3 To apply for Sydney or another rescued GSD, click here:

Asia supervises the pups’ first vet visit <3
Thanks to a very special foster family, Asia and 8 newborn babies had a soft loving home to go to <3
Momma Asia and newborn pups got their shelter break just hours after they were born thanks to Kathy Smith and shelter staff coming in on their day off to help! THANK YOU!
Asia’s rescue journey started on 12/04/2019 when she entered into a shelter as an expectant momma.