Asia is a simply STUNNING GSD female who is probably about 2 years old. Her pups are 6 weeks old and she will be with them a few more weeks to teach them some last minute lessons. She has been a wonderful momma! Asia is housebroken and walks on a leash well. She is HW negative and microchippped and will be getting all up-to-date on her shots before she is ready for her new family. Asia has not been exposed to cats that we know of and she is somewhat reactive on leash to other dogs at this point; its hard to know how much of that may change as her hormones continue to decrease, but we do feel like she has not spent a lot of time around other dogs. For now, we believe that Asia would prefer to be the queen of her castle. She is INCREDIBLY sweet and loving to EVERY HUMAN she meets.

spending a little momma alone time <3

Asia spent a night in the emergency hospital due to spiking a very high fever, but luckily, with antibiotics and fluids everything returned to normal and she returned to her puppies the next afternoon. Thanks to the ever watchful eye of her foster family, early intervention likely was the key to this success <3

Momma Asia doesn’t feel too good 🙁

Asia has been busy (as has her foster family) making sure that each of her babies are fed, cleaned and tended to. She is an amazing momma!

Asia taking a break from motherhood <3

A nice lil mommy ME-TIME <3
All 9 snuggled in their foster home – SAFE <3

Rescue plans were made and the morning of her shelter break on 01/12/2020 she delivered 8 adorable lil pups-lets. Thanks to a fantabulous shelter-break lady who stepped up to transfer the new family immediately, an off-duty shelter coordinator who came in on her day off to help and a very special foster family, Asia’s plan was in full swing!

Asia makes her shelter break hours after giving birth to 8 lil precious pups <3 A HUGE THANK YOU TO HER FOSTER FAMILY, KATHY SMITH and STEPHANIE at Manteca Shelter for your TEAMWORK TO GET THIS GIRL OUT <3
Asia entered the shelter on 12/04/2019 as a stray and an expectant momma

Momma Asia is thought to be around 2 years old and is a stunning lady! She spent about a month in a rural shelter, as her tummy grew over that time period, it became pretty evident that Asia was an expectant momma!