ADOPTED ** Alister **

Sweet Alister had a rough few months, but he has chosen his forever family and its UP from here!! CONGRATULATIONS to Alister and his new family!!!!

Alister is a parvo survivor that came into rescue after he had tested positive. He is sweet, cuddly and smart and SO GORGEOUS! Alister is a stunning pup who has been exposed to a crate and is housebroken. He has exhibited the ability to live with other medium to large dogs and loves to play. He is microchipped and has started his vaccines. He has also been wormed, started on flea/tick prevention, as well as heartworm prevention. Alister will need training, as most puppies do, to be his best self! He is a VERY happy guy <3

Could you use a little snuggly sweatheart in your home? Alister is very sweet puppy who is about 4 months old. He will now begin his vaccine series, get a microchip and is ready for adoption! Alister has exhibited the ability to live with other medium to large dogs and has been exposed to cats. He is a pretty mellow pup, as far as puppies go. He knows several commands and has been exposed to a crate! If you are interested in adopting Alister or another rescued dog, apply here:

Alister is all things FANTASTIC and is approaching the time when we can be SURE he is parvo negative. What some people do not understand is that parvo is a highly contractible virus, quite hardy in nature, that surrounds itself in a cyst-like pod. Even though Alister is a survivor, he is still shedding the virus in his excrement and we WILL NOT let this virus continue it’s deadly spread.

Alister is working on potty-training. He knows a few commands and his name! He is a sweet, playful, loving dude!! Gone are the effects of his life battle and he is a well behaved sweet cuddler.

01/21/2020: Alister is officially a SURVIVOR of parvo!!! We are SO EXCITED!!! Alister has been transferred to his foster home where he is eating great and doing AWESOME! He will stay there until he is cleared from shedding the parvovirus, gained weight and begun all of his normal puppy vaccines. Thank you for your donations and prayers/good vibrations through these past days <3

On 01/18/2020, we received an urgent plea via a vet’s office for help with Alister. Alister, a GSDx puppy, had been purchased off CraigsList just 24 hours previous and had presented with vomiting and diarrhea. His parvo test was positive. At just 12 weeks old, Alister was in a fight for his life. The new owner faced a difficult decision with her new pup, euthanize or seek rescue as the treatment is so expensive; she chose the latter and Alister was rushed to our favorite vet partner hospital that has treated our parvo cases previously.