**ADOPTED** Miss Finna

Miss Finna is pictured with her new human family and GSD brother

Finna’s rescue story began when her momma, Miss Foxy, entered into rescue haven just 4 days before she and her 6 other precious littermates were born.

The puppies born and grew and thrived for several months. Unfortunately, just 5 days after their first outing to the vet, Finley and Felix came down with the parvovirus. We all wept at the loses of Felix, Frimunt and Ferryn from the nasty virus and celebrated our successes with Faith, Fiona, Finna and Finley’s return to health.

We thank our volunteers, our foster family, our supporters, Sacramento Referral Center Veterinary Clinic and our SWB family for their prayers, good vibrations and support through this difficult journey.