Public Information Check – Online Searches
Always paste links or pictures of things if at all possible. This is a permanent record of our application process and we pride ourselves in being thorough 🙂

PIC Template:

You can copy and paste the linked template into the PIC Notes section as needed.

General internet searches should include: The address, the email, the person’s name. If you find a Facebook page or other links, please paste the link in!

Check abuse sites/listings:
Use the DNA/DNF Facebook page or [requires you to register for a login – use your SWB email address when registering] to search for possible listings (search for all adult co-applicants also).

Fishing for Inconsistencies:
Paste links or screenshots!
Search the names of the applicant and co-applicant(s) (look for the unusual)
Search the email address and see if there are other email addresses of concern listed (like “”)
Search the street address – if realty photos exist, copy/paste screenshots of the yard if possible.
Check online directories/web pages of listed employer
Check reverse white pages for phone number(s)
Facebook: Paste a link to any locate FB pages
Review Timeline posts
Review Photo albums
Look for pictures of previous or current dogs
Warning signs? Lost dogs? …Children pictures noted but not listed in the household section of the application?…etc.
Verify Personal Information (use one of the following): Take a screenshot and upload it

Potential information sites on which to search: