Introducing Miss “CAN-DO” Presley <3

MEDICAL HOLD **** NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS AT THIS TIME **** Please stay tuned for Presley’s story as it unfolds …

05/23/2020 ** PUPDATE ** Miss CAN-DO Presley attended her second swim therapy last week (delayed due to a small unrelated muzzle scrape/infection) – Can’t tell this girl to slow down!!

Presley attended her first of 2 consults with veterinary orthopedic specialists a few weeks ago! She has an appointment later this week for a second opinion – we all want Presley to have the best options and that includes having a few specialists looking at her case as it is so so unique! We want to thank everyone that has donated to her medical costs and have donated items – THANK YOU!!

Special thank you to her foster momma who has taken on this special girl and to K9SwimCenter in Springfield for the discount they offered the rescue for Presley <3


Girl has HOPS <3
Squeeky is my fav

UPDATE: Presley has been enrolled for swim therapy for exercise and strength building – THANK you to our friends at K9 Swim Therapy in Springfield for accepting Presley into their program and joining the Presley TEAM <3

Presley at swim therapy <3

It’s safe to say that Presley’s life, all 5 months of it, has been challenging. We do not know all the specifics of all Presley’s past, but we know she has risen to every challenge with determination and spunk!!! Presley doesn’t see herself as handicapped. She climbs stairs and runs and plays with her foster sister and loves life!! We want to give her the best life she has available to her, for as long as we can.

Sadly, Presley was most likely born with this physical deformity and/or experienced a traumatic event at a very young age, and, we aren’t sure that we can fix it or what sort of life she will have – but her will to rise to the challenge is, remarkable – She hasn’t given up and we simply cannot turn our backs on her either … We won’t give up on you Presley!

Presley had not previously had basic vetting (vaccines, microchip, etc) or seen a orthopedic specialist. We’ve had televet conferences with a few veterinarians regarding existing x-rays and … unfortunately… the recommendations vary … widely.

We have ordered a special orthopedic brace for her to try, made appointments for K9 swim therapy, started her basic veterinary care and she has an appointment with an orthopedic specialist in just a few weeks in Portland.

We know times are tough right now and we understand if you are not able to donate a large sum, but would you be willing to share her post or even donate a few dollars for her care? We hope that her CAN DO spirit will raise your spirits and others during these trying times … if Presley can smile … so can we ❤

Special thank you to special dog angels Ali and Rhonda who found rescue for Presley while giving her the best of care and love!! Photos and video courtesy of Rhonda, who continues to foster Presley ❤

See Presley in action:

Presley playing with her foster friend

“I got this – MOOVE outta the way 😜”